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About Our Organization

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Business Outline

  • Implementation of collaborative research projects between industrial, academic, and government organizations that link the research ideas generated at universities to commercially viable activity at corporations.
  • Support for small and medium sized corporations from research and development to prototyping that is oriented towards product generation and commercially viable activity.
  • Support for corporate research and development and product development through our problem solving abilities and analysis and evaluation provided by our high-grade, all-purpose measurement devices.

Planning and liaison Dept. tasks

  • Provides a full range of planning, surveying, and arrangement tasks associated with experimentation and research, including planning and putting together joint industrialacademic-government projects.
  • Facilitates technological transfers of research outcomes and provides technological information.

Research Support Dept. tasks

  • Research and development that makes use of sophisticated measurement and analysis devices.
  • Supporting the application of research outcomes that made use of testing and evaluation devices.