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About Our Organization

Organization Chart


Comprehensive Technology Support and HRD Group

  • Disseminates technical ideas and the like from technology centers and provides technical information.
  • Supports human resource development at small and medium-sized companies.

Chemical Metarials Group

  • Studies the development of organidinorganic materials and analysis techniques.
  • Develops and evaluates next-generation battery parts, including fuel cells.
  • Provides technical guidance for plastics, rubber, ceramics, photocatalysts, and the like.
  • Accepts test requests (e.g. material strength tests, weathering tests, and component analyses).

Metal Materials Group

  • Conducts research on casting technology, welding technology, and evaluation of surface modification.
  • Provides technical guidance on casting technology, welding technology, heat treatment, plating, and erosion.
  • Accepts test requests (e.g. material strength tests, anticorrosion tests, and metal structure tests).

Environmental Materials Group

  • Studies environmentally friendly technologies.
  • Supports and evaluates the development of nano-materials through material surface reformation trial-cores.
  • Provides technical guidance on environmental materials and packing and wood processing techniques.
  • Accepts test requests (e.g. packing materials, packaged cargo, wood materials, furniture, and wood products).

Automobile and Mechanical Technology Group

  • Conducts research on difficult-to-process materials, teaching robots, and fuel cells.
  • Hosts technical lectures on next-generation automobiles and study sessions for aerospace engineers.
  • Accepts test requests (precise measurement, anechoic chamber, and constant temperature/humidity chamber).